Robottery 101 is a strategy card game about building giant robots in space. Four university students have one semester to build the coolest, most impressive robot to dazzle their professors with at the annual robot science fair. Students collect robot parts from abandoned planets at the fringes of the galaxy. Throughout the semester, students collaborate in study groups... but be careful of having your work sabotaged!

Welcome to the

University of Robottery!

It’s the year 4000….

The sounds of whirring drills, buzzing saws, and massive metal footsteps fill the student workshop. That can mean only one thing: it’s time for the robot science fair!

Welcome to Student life! Here's how the semester will go.

Students have 8 weeks (turns) in the semester to build the robot that pleases the professors most. On a player’s turn, they choose a planet to explore, look at all its cards, and may take up to two cards from that planet. Every two weeks, players have a robot-building workshop together where they may trade, swap, and collaborate on their robots.


At the end of the semester, students will enter these robots in a science fair, and five Professors will grade their entries according to their own criteria (certain combinations of Limb Cards they want to see on your core robot).


Every round is unique, with random professors and random resources! 

Watch a whole semester of Robottery 101 in action!